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Family photographer

About Pete:

Let's start with what I'm not. A guy with a camera trying to make some money from a hobby (you know the type of 'photographer' I'm talking about).

I am an artist who's medium happens to be light and shadows with a camera to capture it. It's so easy today in this digital world with smart phone cameras to think of photography as a point and shoot exercise. As an artist I am fully committed to all nuances of the craft. This includes planning out a shoot with my clients beforehand and offering advice, encouragement and guidance to ensure that the best possible moments and images can be caught on film. Orchestrating the shoot on the day to create a relaxed and fun experience whatever the occasion. 

I am an accomplished user of digital editing software only using industry leading software and editing hardware. This ensures that my photography is always of a professional standard that I am happy to put my name to. Whilst there are a number of decent print labs available (and some not so good ones), I do all my printing in house (up to 13 inches wide using Epson's class leading A3 professional photo printer. This is colour callibrated along with my monitor to ensure that all images are captured and viewed with true colour. Many photographers do not produce their own prints and settle for generic profiled products coming from labs. This is one facet of the craft of photography that I offer as a full end to end bespoke service.


My photography is shot with two Nikon professional cameras (D4 and D750) which allow me to capture a wide range of unique images. I have a range of professional portrait lens to compliment the cameras.


As a proud professional member of the Society of Wedding and Portrait Photographers (SWPP) and the Society of International Sport and Leisure Photographers (SISLP), you'll find me listed in their directories. I’m a committed lifelong learner, currently working towards my licentiate accreditation with both societies. I also attend seminars and courses on studio lighting, portrait photography and other facets of the craft to continue to improve my skills and gain inspiration from my peers.

If you commission me for your photographs, I offer a service that is a compound of my skills, both professional and vocational. The anthropologist in me looks to tell your story through the interactions between people, the subject, the location and the camera lens. The artist in me looks to capture unique images as a creative expression. The technician in me looks to combine the two and create stunning photographs using high end editing equipment. Finally, the professional in me will strive to provide the best customer satisfaction throughout your journey to the final supplied photographs.

Portrait photographer

Please contact me with any questions.  I look forward to hearing from you!



Studio Options:

I enjoy natural light photography achieving stunning results with a camera and a reflector. I also have a passion for setting up bespoke studio lighting to create a unique photograph. As a professional photographer this is where I can explore further creative ideas. To remain mobile with this option, I have put together a portable studio to bring to your location for the shoot. This includes:

Two 200W studio flash strobes

One 360W portable flash strobe

Two professional speed lights

A studio backdrop with a choice of four background colours/styles

All of the above conveniently packs down into studio kit bags (transported by my car). It takes about 20-30 minutes to set up and a further 20-30 minutes to pack away. I do not charge for set up time with any paid portrait photography. However, I would recommend a space at least 3 metres by 2 metres (9 ft by 6 ft) to accommodate the backdrop and the soft boxes, though could work with less space after consultation.

Please contact me with any questions if you would like further information on either option.

Pete Lock Photography is fully insured

You can rest assured that the use of the equipment will not impact on your home or your business.

A health and safety assessment is always carried out before and after set up. This ensures that everyone in the area is safe and can enjoy the experience to its fullest.